Independent Research and Policy Advocacy

Priyadarshini Ganesan

Priyadarshini Ganesan Dvara

Priyadarshini is a Senior Research Associate with a focus on household finance. She had previously worked as an Executive Officer with ECGC Ltd. in the field of export credit insurance and as a Research Associate with IFMR LEAD in the theme of financial inclusion of rural households. Priya holds a Master’s in Economics from Madras […]

Amulya Neelam

Amulya Neelam Dvara

Amulya is a Senior Research Associate in the Financial Systems Design initiative. Her research focuses on understanding and improving access to suitable financial services for all, especially low-income households. Her work aims to enable the creation of a regulatory framework that fosters both meaningful inclusion and financial stability. Amulya holds a Master’s in Rural Management […]